Tony was originally born in Vietnam and at the young age of 14 his mother decided to send him to America with hopes of a brighter future for him. He knew no english at the time and

had no knowledge of nail art whatsoever. He relocated in New Orleans, LA  to work out of his aunt's salon where he found his passion and began to envision his own salon 

"Tony's Day Spa".

By the age of 16 he was a licensed nail technician and had picked up some english from his clients. 2 years passed and he opened up his very first nail salon at age 18. 


Tony took some time off to travel and explore America. He always envisioned that he would live in a big city, but throughout his journey he met some amazing people who offered him a job in Lake Jackson, TX. After a while  he started to fall in love with his clients. He told himself "It doesn't matter where you are, you can make your dreams happen right here." A few years passed and he decided to start small when opened "Tony's Day Spa" but he put 100% into it (as he does everything) and with the help of his landlord and the support of his clients he was able to open a much bigger salon; the salon of his dreams.


 He has continued to set new goals and plans to open his first restaurant "Tony's Table" later this year. His long term goal is to create his own charity foundation to give back to families who are suffering from cancer or other conditions.   

Tony's motivation to grow has always come from his clients and he couldn't have gone this far without them. He says "Lake Jackson is home now, and even though it was hard leaving my mom in Vietnam when I was 14, I am so happy I chased my dream."

"I am so happy

I chased my dream..."